Racial bias?

Racial biasDr. Michael J. O’Connell, Healthcare Consultant of Barrington, New Hampshire commented recently that predictably, not even minutes following this year’s Emmy Awards, claims of racial bias erupted on the internet and the next morning on the boob.  Not because blacks were under represented, in fact blacks were nominated for and the recipients of more Emmy’s than ever before in history.  So, why the uproar?  In our typically politically correct society, diversity is no longer something to celebrate when it occurs, but to loudly complain about past years of not measuring up to politically correct standards.

I feel it is time for a quota system.  A requirement that all races are represented in various societal roles commensurate with their representation in our population.  That would be fair right?  Let’s make it mandatory that blacks should account for 11% of Emmy Awards, 11% of Oscars, 11% of top level executive jobs, 11% of policemen, 11% of quarterbacks, 11% of teachers, 11% of basketball players….oops.  Hmmm, interesting there is no similar uproar over the under-representation of whites in professional sports.  Why no backlash clamor that blacks are hogging the professional sports arena (except hockey, I guess)?  I am sick to death of the Chinese domination of table tennis.  Do I not deserve relief by quota too?

Should we not reinstate integration busing of our kids?  Not blacks into traditionally white schools, but whites into black schools.  That should go over well.