Open letter to the Republican Party….

Republican Party TwoDr. Michael J. O’Connell, Healthcare Consultant from Barrington, New Hampshire commented:

  1. I understand the need to pander to the religious right, especially during the primary season, but let’s make sure we have a solidly right/centrist candidate for the general election – Mitt Romney where are you? Let’s not embarrass ourselves with a cretin like Trump or Cruz.
  1. Can you please forget Obamacare? It’s here to stay and it makes all Republicans look petty and desperate with these efforts to repeal.  There is no way legislation would successfully override a presidential veto, so it’s all window dressing.
  1. Likewise window dressing is the stance on debt with this menace, the monthly debt crisis – get things squared away after a Republican is in the White House.
  1. Gun Control – Let’s pull away from the NRA finally and ensure that assault weapons are banned. Sure they are plenty fun to shoot, but remember the Ford Pinto was pulled off the market?  It was fun to drive but turned into an inferno when rear ended.
  1. Abortion – I’ts here to stay. It’s a protection afforded by the Supreme Court.  Let it go—see #2
  1. Fiscal Responsibility – Definitely, Liberal spending must stop.
  1. Defense – Absolutely necessary to have a strong mobile force.
  1. The country, nah the world, needs measures to control population growth – the poor in this country are often ill-prepared to have more babies – Planned parenthood is the best tool to assist them in more thoughtful family development. Stop efforts to defund Planned Parenthood – again makes the party look stupid and totally alienates the left.
  1. Climate Change – WAKE UP REPUBLICANS – it’s occurring – only a few loony bin pseudo scientists reject – let’s admit to global warming, regardless of the cause. To deny is to look like a Monkey’s Ass


Planned Parenthood…

Planned parenthoodDr. Michael J. O’Connell, New Hampshire recently commented that there was yet another release of secretly filmed videos at Planned Parenthood (PP)….the videos reveal rather unseemly and certainly less than tactful behavior among physicians and administrators at Planned Parenthood, though no even remotely illegal activity.  The videos have instigated many Republicans, and even some Democrats, to call for an end to federal funding of Planned Parenthood.

Some things never change.  This grandstanding will of course continue, as will the video releases, probably for months, and in the end will have (and should have in my opinion) no effect whatsoever.  The well-orchestrated releases appear to have a singular goal – to shut down PP.  The accusation that PP ‘profits’ from sale of tissues removed during abortions is specious at best.  PP is a non-profit organization, which submits annual returns to the IRS, and those reports must demonstrate no profit.  It’s the law.

When tissue extracted from abortions is sold to private entities, those monies thus generated are poured very temporarily into the coffers of PP.  As costs of operating PP increase with inflation, charges for services must also increase.  Monies collected from sale of placental or fetal tissue serves to slow the increases in charges for services, including abortion.  PP does not ‘profit,’ there is no bank account somewhere for PP to deposit surplus funds that carry over and grow from one year to another.  Surpluses must be plowed into services; it’s the law.

I thoroughly understand and sympathize with both sides of the abortion debate.  But these videos are no way to orchestrate a conservative agenda.