Failure 5Dr. Michael J. O’Connell, New Hampshire commented:

1.  Healthcare – Affordable healthcare act? Only a minuscule portion of the uninsured population has received coverage they didn’t have (and mostly didn’t want) before ACA, and many of those now covered have insurance that is equivalent to Medicaid.  Most independent physicians will not accept this paltry reimbursement, so will not enroll.  Sum total, failure

2.  Foreign policy – Ukraine, loss of Crimea, impending loss of the eastern 1/3 of the country, and with puny economic sanctions as Obama’s response? Syrians still killing one another.  Genocide     in the African desert.  Taliban biding their time through the Afghan “elections” and they will once again ravage the country, reinstall Sharia law, and foment terrorists abroad.  Egypt an economic and political mess, the Palestinian question no closer to resolution, Iran reactors centrifuging and purifying and lying and our weakness in this affair emboldening Iran to send a leader of the 1980 embassy hostage fiasco to represent them at the UN? Sum total, failure.

3.  Domestic – Given Obama’s sticky sweet relationship with Hollywood, he clearly still shines there, dancing and singing and ‘selfing’ with the stars. Isn’t that so clever of this president?  So much talent to entertain.  While the economy continues its 6th year of slogging along, adding few higher paying jobs, then he laments the wage gap between the top 2% and the rest of society.  About the only good news is the lack of an illegal immigrant policy – good because we no longer need one.  The desire to find a job in US has lost its appeal.  Mexico is looking a whole lot more respectable.  Sum total, failure, but with a song.

4.  Energy – Thanks to the aggressive natural gas exploration by private companies, we enjoy the distinction of now being an energy exporter, no thanks to Obama and his attempts to over regulate the industry and encourage higher prices.

5.  Global warming – Words, words, words. Observation and no action.  …dismal Failure.

Medical research…

Medical researchDr. Michael J. O’Connell, New Hampshire commented that the recent 350.000 subject study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrating consumption of saturated fats to be no more the cause of cardiovascular disease than consumption of polyunsaturated fats is another blockbuster example of the rise and fall of yet another conventional wisdom.  For decades we have been fed garbage (pun intended) by media and by medical literature that the hydrogenation (saturation) of fatty acids (converts liquid fat to solid, as in margarine) is tantamount to chemical ‘perversion,’ and ingestion of such products is certain to lead to a premature death.  The recycling of age old “rock solid” advice from physicians is in my opinion analogous to the frequent ‘turning’ of my backyard compost pile.  Depending on how deeply I drive my pitchfork, the more likely I am to find intact wine corks, jar labels, oak leaves and other paraphernalia from years ago.

Scientific literature, the term itself meant to be synonymous to ‘truth,’ is hardly that.  Facts are destroyed then reinvented in a truly bewildering and dangerous process.  When is the public going to raise its intelligence quotient to the level at which it realizes that scientific literature is often no better than my compost pile, and occasionally far worse?

Now this is not to criticize the mountains of ‘applied research’ that has led to astounding technological advances.  Information retrieval, data storage, communications, robotics…all have been made possible through science, and many if not most, make our lives much easier and productive.  However, when science is applied to the human body, not a machine, not a flask of chemicals in the lab, science does not exactly shine.  Medical science more often than not fails us.  It usually does not get it right the first time, or even the second, third or umpteenth.  This does not reflect an evil underpinning to medical research, but rather the infinite complexity of humans, both the researcher and the researched.  The list of barely effective medications, medications that years later cause catastrophic health problems; surgeries that do not cure but rather maim if not immediately after, but years down the road, is staggering.

Which brings me to my favorite subject—Obamacare.  One of the primary tap roots of ACA is EBM (evidence based medicine).  The presumption is that the mediMedical research 4cal literature will guide doctors and other worthy practitioners in their treatment of various human pathologies, for the noble purpose of applying the ‘right treatment at the right time’ (whatever that means).  This purpose has the effect of reducing providers of healthcare to automatons, who merely plug in patient’s complaints, physical findings and results of lab and radiological procedures and voilá, up pops the right and timely treatment on the computer screen.

If only it all worked so smoothly.


Barack7Dr. Michael J. O’Connell, New Hampshire, noted that Barack’s half hearted, indirect, evasive, sniveling apology for his horrendous rollout of Obamacare was so pathetic as to be unbefitting a U.S. President.  He has officially transitioned from that of a simply incompetent leader, to now an embarrassment for the entire country (except of course for his solid Liberal base – yeah NYC and Hollywood).

I opine thus not just because of his bungling of ACA, but his lack of appropriate oversight of the GSA (how on EARTH could a slippery insignificant nobody like Eric Snowden accumulate and ensconce with so much highly classified information under Barack’s watch?), the botched Libyan Embassy security/the cover up attempt folloBarackwing (do you see a pattern here?), the successful highlighting and bolstering of the image of Russia (one of the most obvious thug nations in the entire world) in his “deal” to rid Syria of their poison gas weaponry (right!), and of course the almost hilarious lack of control over his own Secret Service during his now infamous visit to Columbia last year.

Holy Lord!  When is this man finally going to slink off the stage and let Joe Biden take over?  Never in a million years did I think I would be asking that question, but here I am.  Can it get much worse?

Brain drain…

Brain Drain

The Obama administration continues to quietly tweak the Affordable Care Act –anymore tweaks and it will be almost unrecognizable.  The latest changes are clearly huge patches in the attempt to plug holes and draw more young subscribers, into the now infamous “Abominocare.”

The far reaching, and I hope unintended, consequences of this massive heap of mangled legislation, will impact providers, hospitals and patients for decades to come.  Providers of age 55-60 or so are already retiring in droves, or are considering to soon.  This will create a devastating ‘brain drain,’ particularly from that portion of medicine that is known as the ‘art,’ something that ‘Abominocare’ does not even recognize.

The ‘Art of Medicine’ is not taught in medical schools because it requires something called “crystalline intelligence;” a young buck can’t learn it as it forms with age, experience and maturity.  Physicians in particular are reluctantly becoming more satisfied that their retirement nest egg will suffice and are leaving practice, and taking with them their delicate and invaluable understanding that the ‘Art of Medicine’ is vastly more important than the Science of Medicine.  As anyone on Fifth Avenue can tell you, it’s “how you make them feel,” not the specific medicine or surgery prescribed (God help us with our fixation on ‘curative’ surgery).  ‘Abominocare’ emphasizes evidence-based medicine (EBM).  Were it only that simple.  Any 65 year old GP still in practice can tell you all about EBM and how misguided it is.

Obama’s legacy…

Obama's Legacy enlargedDr. Michael J. O’Connell, PainCare, New Hampshire noted that Obama is clearly tortured by the fact that after five years as president, he has nothing positive to show for his efforts.  He has mentioned the word “legacy” in nearly all his recent speeches.  He is worried, and he should be.

In another year, he will enter the ‘lame duck’ phase of his second term.  Liberal pundits are now comparing his legacy to that of G.W. Bush (GW), in hopes this will elevate Obama’s failed presidency.  This is grossly unfair, not to Obama, but to GW.  GW at least cleared the Taliban and its nests of training camps from Afghanistan, driving them into the desolate mountains.  GW at least got rid of the biggest thug in the world at the time, Saddam Hussein, someone who maimed, tortured and gassed his own citizens.  GW at least tightened the screws to Iran and North Korea, two evil regimes that show nascent signs of softening their stance such that Obama may actually take the credit, as he did with Osama’s assassination.  Well, that might be the one bit of legacy that Obama can point to.  The centerpiece during his first term, ENTIRE FIRST TERM.  Obamacare, is slowly, painfully, agonizingly disintegrating before our eyes.  Proposed Accountable Care Organizations are now on hold, insurance company products forced to expire by Obamacare are now returning in some states, but in other states not, adding to the quagmire that is the now ironic name, Affordable Care Act.  So what can Obama point to for his legacy, given that GW’s was so “bad?”

1.   Obama has stood by while thousands of Syrians were slaughtered by Assad.  That’s certainly admirable.  Now he has bowed to a Russian “solution.”  Laughable indeed…

2.   Obama shamefully blamed the death of the ambassador to Libya on ‘rogue elements’ to disguise the fact that it was a terrorist raid by no less than the “decimated Al Qaida” (this all during the final weeks of his tightening presidential campaign with Romney).  Honorable Barack!

3.   Obama oversaw the General Services Administration (GSA) that is a part of the executive branch, and through blatant inattention allowed Mr. Snowden, a tiny nobody, to steal some of the deepest secrets of the spy agency.  Liberals are now embracing this travesty by pronouncing it a good thing to have transparency.  Hahahahaha… Clowns, they are!

4.   Obama has maintained Guantanomo, despite his assurances during his first campaign that the facility would be closed within a year of his presidency.

5.   Obama has stepped up drone attacks, a weapon vilified by Liberals during GW’s presidency.

6.   Obama in his haste to retreat from Iraq, neglected to leave one airbase in the wasteland desert where the US could have kept an easy eye on the regions thugs.  It would have been so simple, and so practical.  Fortunately, due to GW’s efforts, Iraq has a democratic government.

7.   Obama in his haste to retreat from Afghanistan, is withdrawing without leaving a strong government in place (certainly not democratic), again no airbase, and the Taliban are rapidly regaining the heartland.

Unless by some miracle ACA/Obamacare is resuscitated, Obama will have a legacy of markedly reducing US influence (something that even mainstream Liberals applaud of course), angering our allies, endangering foreign travel, increasing Mideast tensions, and disseminating and fertilizing Al Qiada.  Nice.