Homosexual marriage…

Gay marriage 2Homosexual marriage…

Dr. Michael J. O’Connell, New Hampshire noted that finally a possible end to this extraordinary national debate is in sight.  The whining by both sides of the issue has been a recurrent irritation for decades, and a major distraction of the country’s attention from truly important matters such as terrorism, global warming and preservation of our planet earth. 

The view of many religious folks that marriage is an institution requiring preservation is a rather weak one.  Allowing homosexual marriage does not prevent heterosexual marriage.  And the benefits of marriage are difficult to see, with its sky high divorce rates and even more marriages that are very unhappy though otherwise intact.  Is the institution something to be proud of, to the extent of wanting to relegate it to heteros only?  I might argue that all couples, gay or straight, should participate in the same ugly institution if they so desire.

The view of many gay groups and liberal supporters has been a ‘justice for all’ approach.   This has some merit on the surface.  Why shouldn’t homosexuals be able to avail themselves of an apparent societal benefit?  How is this different from gaining equal access to a restaurant, a college, or an empty seat at the front of a bus?  The benefit is clear in these cases.  The benefit of marriage of course is not.  Also it is entirely arguable that marriage is derived entirely from the private sector, why is it reasonable or necessary to guarantee access to this broken institution for all? 

Anyway, same sex marriage is a tired issue.  In my opinion, the Supreme Court has done us all a favor this week.  After more anticipated grumbling and threatened legislation, we are likely to see the issue finally put to rest.  So as a nation we can spend our capital on more critical concerns.  I wish all the best to gays and hope they will thrive and prosper and feel more secure in marriage.  Now, let’s move on.


About Dr. Michael J. O'Connell, New Hampshire
Dr. Michael J. O'Connell of Barrington, New Hampshire, has forged a distinguished career spanning over three decades, as entrepreneur, physician, businessman, philanthropist and healthcare consultant. As former owner, administrator and CEO of a 225+ employee multi-specialty medical practice, Dr. O'Connell has dedicated his entire professional life to helping patients with family medicine and especially those experiencing chronic pain and all aspects of addiction. Since selling his family of healthcare businesses, he has never once contemplated retirement despite his rich and fulfilling journey, but instead has turned his focus to consulting in an industry starved for courage and creativity. Having weathered many political, technological and legal challenges, there is hardly a storm he has not confronted, a tempest he has not quelled, an urgent need he has not met. While the talking heads and self-proclaimed experts in the field have assumed the conventions and standards of the times, Dr. O'Connell does not believe in merely reflecting the herd mentality, but rather in leading the charge. Eschewing political correctness, Dr. O'Connell says and does what needs saying and doing, and not what the mindless masses expect. In addition to the continual education afforded by his variegated life experiences, Dr O'Connell earned his BS in Biochemistry at the University of NH in 1975, his Medical Degree from Dartmouth College in 1981, interned at Walter Reed Medical Center in 1982, Residency/Fellowship at UCSF in1986, and finished his Masters in Healthcare Administration at UNH in 1995. Dr. O’Connell enjoys many outdoor activities, including rock climbing, snowboarding, hiking, and golf. Through the decades Dr. O'Connell has supported many non-profit charities to include the St. Charles Home in Rochester NH, the Tri City VNA and Hospice, Hyder House, and Cocheco Valley Humane Society. To the latter organization alone Dr. O'Connell has donated over $180,000 and pledged another $250,000 in the “Bring-Us-Home” campaign for a new building. His “Matching Donations Christmas drive” has generated over $175,000 in charitable giving from the community. In addition Dr. O'Connell has participated in many dozens of other volunteer and donation efforts locally as well as in Africa and the Dominican Republic. For a listing of how I gave back to the community during my career and continue to do see: https://michaeloconnellmdnh.wordpress.com/

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