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Piers Morgan & Anderson Cooper 3

It amazed me early last week when Piers Morgan and to a lesser extent Anderson Cooper had a bit of tongue in cheek making snide comments, not about Rob Ford, but about the reporting of Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, who has admitted to smoking crack “during one of my drunken stupors.”  It was as if Piers and Anderson were pooh poohing the whole affair, believing that in today’s society one should be able to do as one chooses (except own guns of course), and, like, what’s the big deal anyway?, people do crazy things when they are falling down drunk.  Hello?

It is amazing to me this stuff would be fodder for levity.  First, this guy is the Mayor, of a large Canadian city.  He is responsible for the administration of at least twenty major departments including the police, the Canadian urban version of homeland security, public works, and the City’s treasury.  If Piers and Anderson in their circles think that having a frequent black out on alcohol and an occasional snort of coke or smoke of crack is acceptable, even humorous, great for them.  I hope they are chauffeured wherever they go.  For the rest of us sane citizens, the slow meltdown of Rob Ford should be coupled with strong calls for his removal from office to protect Toronto from possibly very bad decisions, and encouragement for Rob to seek what he really needs, a long trip to rehab.

Later in the week, I am again amazed as tapes emerge, attesting to the fact that the mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, has deep problems and Piers and Anderson are finally expressing concern.  Well, golly gee.  No longer is the mayor a source of their light snickering amusement, like Otis on Andy of Mayberry.  Why has it taken a week, and a denial, an acknowledgement, another confession, and two videotapes for Piers and Anderson to finally sober up?  Liberalism at its finest.

Botton line is, the Piers and Anderson, having done a superb job with certain topics, to their credit, have missed this topic so incredibly badly, I cannot understand how CNN can continue to employ these two addiction morons.  Such can only be financially motivated.

These two handsome vacant buffoons should have known long before now that this mayor is an extremely troubled man.  Google him up and a recent history of domestic disturbances and drunkenness abound, while he has been mayor.  how do Piers and Anderson prep for their programming?  It took me two minutes to find at least three indictable actions committed by Mayor Ford this past year.  Snicker about that one Piers and Anderson!

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